Monday, October 12, 2009

My Party Pictures were terrible ... help!

Today's post is just a quick hit prompted by the feedback I got from my team here at HubSpot upon seeing my last post about party planning for our recent October shindig at my house ... they liked the party planning advice but were disappointed in my pics' image quality.  Rightly so.

With that backstory, my friend John, a pro photographer, decided to post a few tips on Getting the Most from Your Point & Click camera.  Regardless of the type of event you have - he posits that there is one tenet to aid in excellent images:

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting ...

In short, ensuring there is a significant difference in the fore- and back-ground of your subjects will take care of it ... but read his post for the full details.

Something else that I learned from John is that it really isn't as expensive to hire a pro photographer for your events.  In fact, he mentioned rates on the order of $50-100/hour for an event like the party I had last week. (John, maybe you can post a blog about some advice in this realm?) While maybe I wouldn't splurge for that particular party, I will certainly think twice when it comes to something like my 40th Bday (far far away I assure you:)))). 

His posts and advice have opened my eyes (pun intended) ... next time you plan a significant milestone event I encourage you to think ahead about who is going to record those memories!

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John Marcus III said...

Thanks for the post Kir. Lighting balance is everything in event photography, so to capture the moment (of a carefully planned party) just take a second to think about the camera. Just like our eyes, it has trouble seeing both extreme light and dark at the same time. I promise your photos will be 10 (or maybe 100) times better.