Sunday, October 25, 2009

Best Pizza in Boston ... (so far)

A rainy Saturday night in the South End with friends and Rock Band lends itself well to pizza ... and luckily, one of the benefits of coming from Austin to Boston is killer Pizza.

Now - we do have a few great pizzerias in Austin (my fave is Homeslice in SoCo) - but nothing like the variety and quality that exists in the northeast in general and Boston in specific.

So last night was pizza from The Upper Crust ... and no ... I don't have a pic of the pizza because it was too good and we ate it!! (image courtesy of The Upper Crust:))

An MGH (spinach, broccoli & feta) plus mushrooms and canadian bacon was delish and sort of healthy (I told myself).  The crust is super thin with perfectly crispy edges that just defy being burnt ... eat the first bite or two with a knife and fork ... then fold that bad boy and get a huge bite!

When I was here during grad school, there was only one Upper Crust ... but now Boston is blessed with 13, count'em, 13 pie shops!  That means you can have hot, crispy and delish pizza in your house in like 30 minutes!!!

This town could get fattening ... especially since I still don't have a kitchen of my own.  Till then, I'll be eating and posting about restaurants:)))


Mike Volpe said...

The Upper Crust is very solid, it is probably my favorite too. I actually went to high school with the founder/owner.

Other places to try:

1) The original Regina's in the North End
2) Santarpio's in eastie (East Boston)
3) Joe V's (eat in, not take out) - the "Yoga Pizza" is my fav (South End)
4) PICCO is loved by many, I like it, but not love it (South End)
5) For a dive experience, hit Anchovies on Columbus (South End), pizza is pretty good, but it is more the experience

Kir said...

Rock on Mike - I love Pizza ... definitely going to check them out!

JB said...

Being from the Bronx, New York, I have to say I am really curious to sample a slice or two of your Boston style pizza. My goal is to one day take in a Yankees and Redsox game then eat at the The Upper Crust at Fenway. Gonna have to root for my Yanks though..;-)

Joe said...

You need to come out to San Francisco and try the Pizza hacker:

Joe Chernov said...

Santarpio's in Eastie. Volpe is right on with that recommendation. In fact, if you go and decide it's not the best pizza you have ever had, I'll personally refund you the cost of your pie. It's that amazing.

Anonymous said...

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Wendy Roberts said...

Regina's is absolutely the best in Boston. Try their homemade sausage, but otherwise, the plain cheese is killer. Their waitstaff is surly and hilarious. You will not be disappointed.
Santarpio's crust is dry and flavorless. They do have great "BBQ" though - sausage and peppers are great.