Thursday, November 20, 2008

Turkey 2.0 . . . Thank you Butterball!!!

I just had to share Butterball's foray into web2.0 communications because it is creative and could be the saving grace for one of us this Thanksgiving:))) A colleague forwarded me the info and it is probably useful this week as you'll all be out buying your birds this weekend . . .

So, Butterball has a Turkey-Talk Line that has been around for years . . . you call in and ask for advice on how to cook that big, intimidating bird that you are probably serving to a large number of people you may be meeting for the first time and are hoping to impress . . . or at least not send to the ER with food poisoning. I have to admit, cooking big birds scares me and I have only ever done it with an experienced co-chef . . . so if I were in charge of Turkey - I would need this service. This year, Butterball is adding a decidedly more techie element to the service with Turkey Texts that send you advice wherever you are, a mobile phone friendly site and even a blog.

Check out the full story or just sign up for Turkey Text advice on Butterball's Site, where they also have a pretty nifty calculator to help you estimate how many pounds of turkey you need based on number of people and even your eating habits (heavy or light eater . . . do you want leftovers?).

I signed up for Turkey Text messages just for fun . . . and because perhaps they'll send me some helpful hints that I can share with my brother Eric, who is in charge of the bird this year. Hoping that all of you are ready to enjoy an excellent holiday next week and that this little Turkey Tidbit might help you out;)))

Gobble gobble . . .

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